Wednesday, January 23, 2008

East St. Louis is hoping to save hospital

By Shane Graber

EAST ST. LOUIS — The front doors to Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital have two messages, ideas left over from the days when the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ nuns ran the place.

"God bless you," says the right door. "Peace to you," the left one says.

But these are far from peaceful times for the 118-year-old hospital on North Eighth Street, one of the few occupied buildings in this dwindling downtown.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Mayor and the people of East St. Louis are fighting for the right cause. It shows that somewhere around the world there are people who value life. Supporting the establishment of the trauma center in the hospital doesn't mean that one has ignored the logic of the extra expense that it incurs. Evrything good has a price tag for which a sacrifice has to be made. If extra expenses or saving is the reason for closing such a vital department in a hospital in the United State, a country upon which the eyes of all the financially unfortunate countries are focused for help, we are sending a bad message to the world. We are telling the poor people that their lives have no meaning in America. Yes, there is option to go somewhere else, but we are talking about convenience and time; two elements unpon which trauma case heavilly depends, Whether the trauma is prompted by accident or crime, time plays a major role and no one can predict who's life could be saved by the trauma center. I hope that the decision to clause the trauma center was not made on the basis of "not in my back yard" concept. Where are the Good Samaritains. You have to make an attempt to treat the trauma before you can transfer for better treatment elsewhere. Think about it.