Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Red Orbit Coverage

East St. Louis is Hoping to Save Hospital

By Shane Graber, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Jan. 21--EAST ST. LOUIS -- The front doors to Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital have two messages, ideas left over from the days when the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ nuns ran the place.

"God bless you," says the right door. "Peace to you," the left one says.

But these are far from peaceful times for the 118-year-old hospital on North Eighth Street, one of the few occupied buildings in this dwindling downtown.

Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation, which owns the hospital, wants to merge Kenneth Hall Regional with another it owns in Centreville five miles away, Touchette Regional Hospital. Although the economic effects of a hospital closure can be debated, one thing is near certain: Close Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital, and this city suffers yet another morale punch square in the gut.

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Hadassa said...

Mayor, It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff with Mr. Nobles...I applaud the efforts to save the Kenneth Hall Hospital, your proposal creates for jobs in the community, health care nearby for the community which I feel brings a sense of pride to the community. This is what we need is to bring the "heads up" the self respect that has been lost because too many people have spoken ill for too long it's time someone stops talking and starts doing to change the motivation for East St. Louis. bring the pride back. I support you and all your efforts~put Carabanas' next door and let's party!