Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Google & "The Powers That Be" Censor Our Blog

We were on the phone this morning with Gary Nobles and another gentleman/activist from East St. Louis talking about ways to bring more attention to the challenge of saving Kenneth Hall Memorial Hospital.

While we were talking Gary brought up a question about "google.com" for yesterday and over the weekend he/we were able to type into the google search bar the phrase "Save Kenneth Hall" and we'd be directed to an article from our other blog whcih linked back to this blog.

For some unknown reason Google.com has decided to censor - ie. block, restrict, limit - the "Save Kenneth Hall" search phrase. You can try it yourself by clicking here.

This is newsworthy story which should be reported to the public media not only in St. Louis and East St. Louis but nationwide. This is RAW-BLATENT CENSORSHIP BY CORPORATE INTERESTS/POWER WHICH HAS TO BE EXPOSED AND STOPPED NOW!!

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