Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh Father God Fight for us!

By Gary Nobles

Father God you said ask of you and you will show us great and mighty thing that we know not of! Right now we come boldly before you; in your throne room of mercy and grace. We ask you to take our hand and lead us in victory. We ask you to raise your hand against the destroyer of life and your ordained leader for just a time as this the Mayor of East ST. Louis Alvin Parks and all of his supporter whom you have appointed, ordain and sent before the beginning of time. We ask you to reverse every curse, spell, hex and evil word spoken against this city. Give, fill and increase your spirit in us to fight for the Kenneth Hall Hospital and the city of East ST Louis rights to life and life more abundantly. Our enemy of your word of hope, safety, dreams and life and life more abundantly, has raisin his head in unrighteousness and is trying to steal, kill, and destroy your children of East ST Louis and all the others that travel through this city. These evil forces has picked on us as a bully, robber, thief and destroyer. We ask you now to command your mighty angels in that region ordain with strength, power and your name written on their chest; armed and ready for battle; holding your message of justice victory blessings and hope, from our king Jesus. By your command cause your angels to enter into the city of East ST Louis now to protect save, heal, prosper and deliver us from these evil forces that have dominated this land for to long. We ask you father God to restore back to the people and the city of East ST. Louis seven fold and all of the substance of these evil spirits house and everything that they has stolen; so we can have life and life more abundantly! In all of this we know, thank and testify of and to your glory! Father God thank you for fighting for us! In Jesus name amen!

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The Freedom Fellowship said...

incredible prayer gary!! thanks so much!!